ACSS went live

Last Monday ACSS went live. After years of development it will finally replace ASGS as security and management system.

If you haven’t ACSS installed or only an 4+ months old installation of ACSS, just download the latest installer from . You don’t need to uninstall the ASGS version, because ACSS and ASGS can work side by side, in case they have to roll back.

See you in space.

That’s it

Past week we made a hard decision, we dissolve our squad.

After 12 years this squad came to an end. The main problem was during the past year getting enough players together for a squadgame.  Also grouping up with Palidor’s Knights for squadgames did not really help. Recruiting nowadays got hard, because player numbers within Allegiance dropped.

I hope the remaining active players find a squad of their choice and keep playing this game.

See you in space, on our forums or on FAO.