We are the German Borg of Allegiance.
Resistance is futile!

The German Borg were formed in Spring 2000. It was a Allegiance Zone squad for German players only. The German Borg played many “GB vs World” games. During the end of Allegiance Zone (2001), most of the members left the game. So the squad decided to merge with the German Free Zone squad Piranhas in April 2001.

In April 2001 GB started hosting the own forum, which we still use nowadays. It’s maybe the oldest active forum in this community, a history book, but the oldest stuff is written in German.

During the Dark Age (2001) we sold Allegiance for 10 Euro in Germany to get more players. We had to stop that service very soon, because we were sold out.

GB accepted many new players during that time. We trained them, but we were a easy prey for other squads. After a while many new player were missing in action, so our squad got smaller and smaller.

In November 2001 GB took part in Allegiance Wars 3. We were supposed to help out the Fatal Shadows squad. But FS had only 2 active players, so we ended up being the main squad. GB was not ready for that role yet. After our team was destroyed, we helped Steel Fury during the last phase of AW3. Both squads played very good together, and we won most of our games. AW3 ended, because some squads were tired of constantly loosing.

In June 2002 we began to accept none-German speaking players and the squad communication was switched to English. That change ensured our survival. During Squad Tournament 1 we beat TRA, LWMS and BS. We made it to the finals against Z, where we lost in a very hard and close battle.

In the beginning of 2003 the Squad Tournament 2 started. We were able to win two games, but we were finally ranked fourth of four squads. We were grounded, once again. In September 2003 we were able to get rid of the streak of bad luck. We beat X19/TC.

Nothing special happened in 2004. It was just the first time were our squad was lead by a completely none-German speaking leader team.

In 2005/2006 nothing special happened. We played plenty of squad matches, won many of them, beating every single squad at least once.
Today we have players from Germany, USA, UK, Canada, Denmark, Philippines, …

2007 was beginning win many squad matches. We tried to take part in the Squad Tournament, but we had to retreat, because we had problems getting enough players for the games. We’re working on a come back.

In the beginning of 2008 we took part in the Squadron Doubles Tournament, our partner was System X. We made it on the 3rd place of 5 teams. In fall we took part in the Squad Tourney 2008, we were ranked 6th (of 10).

Because of much inactivity in the last months we haven’t took part in the Squad League 2009. We assisted System X in the Squad Doubles Tournament 2009 again, this time our two squads were ranked 1st. We hope we can reach a rank in the midfield of the Squad Tournament 2009.

Squad leaders

  • 2000-2001 Traudin/HF_Phoenix/Dex_Solo
  • April 2001: Trautman, Grimmwolf, Chopper
  • June 2001: Grimmwolf, pkk, Battlehawk
  • February 2003: Grimmwolf, pkk, Snack
  • Dezember 2003: Grimmwolf, pkk, Bierfuizl
  • August 2004: Bretwalda, Grim_Reapur_4U, Xanen
  • August 2005: Creeping_Death, pkk, Trasher
  • August 2006: Champy, Grimmwolf, pkk
  • August 2007: Champy, pkk, Zapper
  • August 2008: Champy, Grimmwolf, pkk
  • January 2009: Champy, finki, pkk
  • August 2009: Champy, Naboki, pkk
  • August 2010: Bathawk, Dangeruss, pkk


  • 2004: Grimmwolf
  • August 2004: Xanen
  • August 2005: Grimmwolf
  • August 2006: Grimmwolf
  • April 2007: pkk

The senate disband in April 2007.

History of squad meetings

  • Somewhere in 2000: Squad meeting in Vienna.
  • November/December 2001: First squad meeting in Munich. It was organized by bisch.
  • January 2002: 2nd squad meeting in Berlin. Played Allegiance in an internet cafe.
  • September 2002: 3rd squad meeting in Fuerth (Nuremberg), we played Allegiance in an internet cafe, organized by oldgb.
  • September 2003: 4th squad meeting in Kassel, we played Allegiance in an internet cafe, organized by pkk and Zytisin.
  • September 2006: AllegCon Germany meeting in Stuttgart, we played Allegiance in a convention centre, coordinated by pkk.
  • October 2007: AllegCon Germany II meeting in Ludwigsburg, we played Allegiance at Gestahlts/BlackCougars place, coordinated by Gestahlt/BlackCougar.