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That’s it

Past week we made a hard decision, we dissolve our squad.

After 12 years this squad came to an end. The main problem was during the past year getting enough players together for a squadgame.  Also grouping up with Palidor’s Knights for squadgames did not really help. Recruiting nowadays got hard, because player numbers within Allegiance dropped.

I hope the remaining active players find a squad of their choice and keep playing this game.

See you in space, on our forums or on FAO.

Squadgame: GB vs SysX

We were IC, while SysX was Dreg.

Game settings:
DN 04.50.00

We tried to push our cons right, SysX did that too. After loosing our 3 forward ints against 5 SysX ints in the right corner, we decided to redirect our OP to the left corner. Our tele did build next to our home, while thier OP build there, too. We had bomber up and managed to bomb the OP from our tele. We were able to secure both corners.

Meanwhile SysX lost thier first miner. Our late sup was up. SysX exp did build next to the enemy home (right). They did push another op into the right corner and intbombed our OP (Figs were up). We had enought money to update the sup and buy enh tech instandly. While we pushed our 3rd tele behind the enemy lines (lower left), we did kill another miner.

After we had galvs up, we did push a tele lower right and they did push a op into the same sector. They tried to intbomb the tele, but our figs were able to break the camp and destroy the bomber, than we galved the OP. We lost a miner there, while they tried to bomb (miner AI sucks, but anyway we were able to stop the bomber, we had enought money).

Cable started to push techbase over the map. He build an exp higher right. Our bomber destroyed it (AC3 rocks against against dreg ints). Than they bombed our tele lower right, exp for a tele is a nice trade. Meanwhile we had a SY up.

We tired to bomb, but failed. Anyway SysX keeped on loosing miner after miner. After we had enought money for a MF, we did start another run. CD did bomb (reg bomber) the OP in the right corner, while I did go for the exp with full gunners. After CD destroyed the op, he goes for the lower right sup. Both techbases were destroyed and the MF was lost.

Now they had only the home and a tele next to thier old exp. After sucking around for a while, they had enought money for another exp. We lost a few tele cons, but it took 10 mins till thier exp con did build. Another MF run failed on the new exp.

We did end the game with an ass run, while they did bomb our garrisson. They did destroy our home, but our ASS was able to sneak into the exp sector. A single bomber was enought to destroy the basic exp (ABM3). Bull was on ass turret. Our team did pod the bomber run, after they got our gar. My ass was heading for the enemy gar, 2 bombers poped in and the game was over. There was no real defence, because everone was podded in our home.

It was a nice game, thanks SysX.