Squad Rules

  1. German Borg play together
    We play on one team and use Teamspeak.
  2. German Borg play together every Sunday
    Even if we have no squad game, we want to play together
  3. German Borg use fair play
    We don’t cheat; we don’t use hacks to crash other players.
    We don’t insult other players. We treat our enemies with respect.
  4. German Borg don’t spam
    Communication is most important for the game. Don’t spam with voice chats, don’t use team/all chat for prolonged discussions.
  5. German Borg try to follow the orders of the commander
    Allegiance is based on team play; we play as a team and for the team. The commander leads the team and we support him. We know about the power of coordinated and team supported attacks and defends and act accordingly.
  6. German Borg pick pods
    We pick up the pods of our team. We always try to pick up pods, even if that means we get podded, should the situation require it.
  7. German Borg know when a pod kill is appropriate
    We know when an enemy is more useful floating home.
  8. German Borg are instructors
    We help newbies, which listen to our advice. Under no circumstances we insult or taunt new players. We do not boot newbies.
  9. German Borg are leaders
    As Commander we think twice, before booting a pilot.